Thunder Force

New on Netflix.

Written and directed by Mr Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, we have super hero spoof Thunder Force.

Emily (Octavia Spencer) and Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) are “estranged” school friends, growing up in a world where “miscreants” are a constant menace. Miscreants developed super powers after been genetically altered by an 80’s meteor impact and while all of humanity was affected only the miscreants unlocked these powers using them for nefarious means. Emily lost her parents in a miscreant attack vowing to continue their work to develop ways to unlock those powers in other humans to develop super heroes to fight back. Emily’s drive pushes her and slacker Lydia apart. However, their school reunion brings them back together. When Lydia stumbles over Emily’s life work she accidently finds herself part of an experiment giving her super strength and together with Emily who develops her own power, invisibility, the two friends become Thunder Force ready to fight miscreant crime.

The setup and the idea is promising, a fine cast is assembled including two likeable leads in Spencer and McCarthy, but unfortunately Thunder Force fails almost completely to build on that promise in this hugely mediocre comedy.

It’s not a complete loss, Spencer brings a nice comedic touch to her role and Jason Bateman is a particular highlight as the Miscreant “crab man” with his, hopefully purposely, crude effect claw arms! McCarthy is also fine trotting out the outsider, underdog character that she does well, it just reminds you of better films she’s done that character in.

Beyond that I was struggling for entertainment, the script was painfully unfunny and while there were a couple a humorous moments they were very few and far between.

Thunder Force isn’t unpleasant or offensive and in McCarthy and Spencer there are characters you could build on and there is fun to be had with the super hero genre. But, Thunder Force just isn’t anywhere near funny enough which feels like a missed opportunity.

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