New on Netflix.

Written and directed by the team behind the excellent Searching,  Annesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, bring us thier new film, Run. Sarah Paulsen and Keira Allen play mother and daughter Diane and Chloe Sherman. Diane a single parent and Chloe her intelligent, talented and capable daughter, who also happens to be wheelchair bound and suffers from asthma and diabetes. They live a quiet and seemingly isolated but contented life. Chloe is home schooled and not allowed a smartphone or Internet access. But this is about to change as she awaits responses to her college applications. However, when Chloe finds some pills marked in her mothers name inside her medication it makes her suspicious and raises questions in her own mind about her life and the relationship between them.

Run’s story follows a relatively well trodden cinematic path, built around the condition Munchausen by Proxy and for two thirds of its 87 minutes it’s a smart, tense, intelligent psychological thriller. Allen’s Chloe, regardless of her medical challenges, is anything but helpless and Allen who herself is a wheelchair user, brilliantly helps develop the tension as everything she believed to be true is stripped away from her.

The increasingly excellent Sarah Paulsen provides a brilliant counter, in what is fundamentally a two-hander, bringing much of the sinister undercurrent to the character that served her well In the recent TV series Ratched.

Where Run falls short is its final act as it fails to retain its suspense and intelligence, increasingly becoming predictable and stretching credibility as it goes. There is also a question about whether its short running time also means it misses the chance to add a little more depth to its characters.

That final third is a little frustrating, because for me it let down what had been a really well done story. It also took away from two stand out performances, Allen and Paulsen both believable and engaging.

That said, while Run is not of the same quality as Searching, it is still a tense and enjoyable ride.

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