The Old Guard

New to Netflix.

Based on Greg Rucka’s graphic novel, The Old Guard follows four “immortal” warriors who have, throughout the century’s, tried to help humanity in a positive way by doing what they “believe” to be right, saving people and lives from the actions of those who seek to do harm.

Led by Charlize Theron’s Andy our group find themselves commissioned to rescue a group of kidnapped children, where they find things are not as they seem. The group are soon joined by Kiki Layne’s Nile to take on a new threat.

The Old Guard seems like Netflix’s attempt to find itself a franchise opportunity and if I’m honest I’m not sure there is enough in this rather predictable and formulaic first outing to guarantee this is the vehicle they are looking for.

There are things to enjoy and there are some interesting sections contemplating the concept of immortality and the price that comes with it, there is also an interesting touch of jeopardy added to these seemingly indestructible beings.

Theron is as watchable as ever and is well supported by Layne, Mathias Schoenaerts, Marwen Kenzari, Luca Marinelli and the always reliable Chewetel Ejiofor.

However it comes with plenty of flaws, its lack of originality is a real issue with the film following a very similar path to any other “super hero” origins story and while not the worst it is certainly not the most interesting. One of the key story issues for me, is the wholly unbelievable nemesis Merrick (Harry Melling) who never convinces as the power crazed head of a pharmaceutical conglomerate.

While there are enjoyable moments overall its a very average adaptation which I’m not sure will warrant further installments.

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