Always be my Maybe

Showing on Netflix.

Written by and starring Ali Wong and Randall Park it tells the story of Sasha and Marcus, childhood friends whose relationship grew until one fateful night when it moved beyond friendship. They are then separated for 16 years as Sasha moves to LA and builds herself a career as a successful chef while Marcus stays in San Francisco to care for his Dad and work alongside him in the family business as they both come to terms with the untimely loss of mum and wife.

Eventually Sasha returns to San Francisco to open a new restaurant, she and Marcus are reunited and while she has built a successful career Marcus lives at home working for his dad and smoking weed. How will their two worlds clash? Will they rekindle their relationship and rediscover their childhood love?

Let’s face it you already know all the answers, Always be my Maybe is hugely formulaic and predictable and is also bizarrely uneven, with huge swathes of very mediocre but passable comedy. However, on occasion it became surprisingly good, with some really funny set pieces and a fabulous cameo about half way in, which also spawns a humorous end credit title track. There is also a couple of well judged warm and tender moments including a heartfelt final scene.

Wong and Park are both entertaining in the lead roles and are well supported by a likeable cast, with enough laughs to keep it entertaining and of course those occasional moments of real original humor and touching warmth.

Always be my Maybe I can’t imagine will live long in anyones memory, but it’s kind of fun while it lasts and with a couple of entertaining high points it won’t be the worst thing you watch on a streaming service.

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