The Lovebirds

Showing on Netflix.

Issa Rae and Kumail Najiani star as Leilani and Jibran a New Orleans couple who’s relationship is faltering and as the realisation hits them they also collide (literally) with a murder and as with all films like this they decide the best course of action is to attempt to solve the crime themselves before they become the accused.

Often a film watching experience is dependant on what you bring into it and on this occasion something light and not overly taxing was the brief and this delivered exactly what was asked of it.

The story while not a new premise, had enough originality to keep it feeling fresh and fun and the two leads played well off of each other delivering humour and importantly enough belief in their relationship to at least want the character’s to end up where you expect they will from the start.

Importantly their caper never feels completely ridiculous even though it is, which at least grounds it in something nearing reality (if you choose to ignore the silliest bits!).

The Lovebirds probably won’t live long in the memory but it was solid enough comedy with likeable leads and enough gags to keep it enjoyable and fun and much better than some of the recent comedies I’ve seen on Netflix (yes The Wrong Missy I’m looking at you).

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