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Written and directed by Michael Sarnoski, filmed in just 20 days is the quirky, charming and thoughtful Pig. Nicholas Cage plays Rob, a truffle hunter, living in the woods in isolation. His appearance and is home is of someone who has stopped caring. But he does care for his pig, who helps him collect truffles. His customer is local restaurant supplier Amir (Alex Wolff), with whom he has a basic friendship. But Robs isolation is shattered when his pig is stolen. This drives him back to the city (Portland, Oregon) and the world of food, love and loss that he had long forgotten.

Firstly if you think this is going to be some John Wick revenge movie, go check out something else. Pig instead is beautiful and thoughtful study of loss and how failing to deal with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It has its quirky moments certainly, Amir’s menacing father (Adam Arkin) and a strange underground fight club for waiters particularly. But they are part of its charm in what is a patient, thoughtful, and heartfelt film.

Cage is wonderfully understated, quiet and gruff, but always with an undercurrent of something else, a deep buried pain. Wolff offers excellent support as the ambitious business man, a son desperate to impress his father while also hiding from his own heartache.

Beautifully shot, using an autumnal Oregon to great effect. Which adds to the thoughtful story telling. It is intriguing and surprising and never quite the film you think it’s going to be. With characters, as odd as they are at times, to care about.

It’s patient exploration of loss and the desire to find something and make sense of it all is touching. It is a great example of how a small budget doesn’t stop a committed cast and well written story from being a thing to enjoy and be emotionally engaging.

Pig is a warm and thoughtful film, built around a smart performance from Cage. It’s not thrills and spills, action and tension. It is about searching, for a pig, for answers, for ways of coming to terms with loss. And a lovely thing to spend time with.

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