Everybody’s talking about Jamie.

Showing on Amazon Prime Video.

Directed by Jonathan Butterell and based on his musical, is this “inspired by a true story” telling of the story of Jamie. Jamie (Max Harwood) is a 16 year old boy, growing up on a housing estate in Sheffield. Openly gay he decides, during his final school careers lesson, that he wants to be a drag queen. Supported, as always by his Mum (Sarah Lancashire) and sassy friend Ray (Shobna Gulati), he sets out to make it a reality. His starting point is a visit to Hugh Battersbys (Richard E. Grant) House of Loco, an Alladins’ cave for drag performers. Here Jamie discovers Hugh’s Loco Chanelle, his former drag queen self. Hugh and Jamie’s supportive best friend, Pritti (Lauren Patel) encourage him to pursue his dream and perform in a local show before attending his school prom in a dress.

This is a pretty nuts and bolts telling of the story. It checks all of the plot points you’d expect as it goes, dream, doubt, low points before the dream is put back on track.

But that doesn’t really matter, because this is a joyous film. It’s glitzy, fun and has some truly touching moments as we go through Jamie’s journey of self discovery. It touchingly covers finding acceptance of who you are, as well as how some won’t accept you regardless of how much you want them too. Throughout it avoids being overly sentimental and hits just the right notes of warmth and heartfelt.

The cast are pretty solid throughout and Harwood brilliantly carries this film, watchable and believable as Jamie. The cast around him are just as warm and enjoyable, Lancashire and Patel especially.

While Everybody’s talking about Jamie does indeed hit all the predicted notes in its story telling. It comes from the right place, full of heart, joy and warmth and tells an ultimately uplifting story and it would be silly not to find enjoyment in that.

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