Our Ladies

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones and adapted from Alan Warner’s novel is Our Ladies. Set in 1990’s Scotland we follow a Catholic girls school choir from Fort William as they head to Edinburgh for a competition final. Five of the girls however are less interested in the joy of singing and far more interested in the joys that a trip to the big city brings, the chance to drink, have sex and have fun and that they certainly do!

What an absolute unexpected gem of a film this is, it’s funny, dark, heart felt and joyous in equal measure. Its cine literate mixing of genre’s works seamlessly from American Pie to Trainspotting, romcoms to a credit scene nod to Joker it uses them all well.

The tone also moves beautifully between sexual farce to touching coming of age drama, through to playing with the idea of something potentially more sinister, before the girls smart characters take back control of the situation.

The casting is brilliant Eve Austin, Tallulah Grieve, Abigail Lawrie, Sally Measham, Rona Morison and Marli Siu are a wonderful ensemble, hugely watchable and thoroughly engaging.

The comedy is pin sharp, evoking a nostalgia for the seemingly innocent days of the mid 1990’s. All accompanied by an enjoyable soundtrack. Some of the comedy may feel less than “politically correct” but it knows that and revels in it.

I went into Our Ladies with little expectation, but it is a proper gem of a film. A nostalgic nod to a seemingly more innocent time, genuinely funny throughout, occasionally dark, always heartfelt and fabulously joyous, as much fun as I’ve had at the Cinema this year. Seek it out.

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