Jungle Cruise

Starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt is the newest addition to the Disney Ride Inspired Cinematic Universe (not a thing yet!), Jungle Cruise. Set in the early 1900’s Blunt plays Lily a female adventurer looking to find the Tree of Life in South America, a mystical cure all flower to help humanity. Travelling with her brother MacGregor (Jack Whitehall) they find themselves in the capable sailing hands of Captain Frank Wolff (Johnson) the owner of a less than sea worthy vessel and even less sea worthy jokes!. Together they head off on an adventure that encounters peril, Jesse Plemons’s Prince Joachim and supernatural baddies as they battle to finish their quest.

Jungle Cruise takes a lead from those classic 80’s adventures with an Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone feel to it. And in Johnson and Blunt you have two likeable leads, both bringing their star charisma to the film.

But even with these two and a strong cast around them, the film does fall a little flat. It lacks any real originality and while it references some of those adventure classics, it lacks their charm and wit. It also fails to live up to more contemporary examples like Johnsons recent Jumanji films.

For me Jungle Cruise is no more than a passable attempt at a family adventure film, but with such a strong cast it feels like a missed opportunity to make something much better. If you are after a Dwayne Johnson family adventure and who doesn’t like one of those? Go check out Jumanji, but if you do end up at Jungle Cruise, you’ll enjoy some of it, but may feel a little underwhelmed.

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