I Care a Lot

Showing on Amazon Prime.

Written and directed by J Blakeson, I Care a Lot is a very dark comedy thriller. Rosamund Pike stars as Marla Grayson a professional carer who is appointed by the courts as a ward for those, normally elderly, who are judged as no longer able to look after themselves or have anyone suitable in their lives to look after them. This gives her full control of every element of their lives from finance to healthcare and is often awarded in the absence of those who are to have it imposed upon them. That is the heart of Marla’s business, operating an unscrupulous “scam” finding vulnerable individuals and in league with others whose moral compass is a little off finds it easy to takeover their lives. Marla with her partner Fran have a thriving operation until they target Jennifer Peterson a wealthy single lady with no family to support her or ask questions, but all is not as it seems.

This film is filled with despicable characters with nothing to redeem them and garner your support. A plot that requires you suspend your disbelief regularly as it winds it ways through its plot twists and turns, but that said, I really enjoyed it.

I’m a fan of films that shine a light on bizarre legal loopholes that can be exploited and the fact that Blakeson has based the story on a potential reality makes it all the more dark, disturbing and enjoyable.

This is definitely Rosamund Pike’s film, she is fantastic as the utterly despicable Marla, driven, obsessed, unscrupulous, immoral, with an inflated view of self, she is unsympathetic and unlikable and Pike grabs the role completely and revels in it. Peter Dinklage gives brilliant support as Roman, Marla’s nemesis, trying to maintain control while dealing with the problems she’s created. The real gem though is Dianne Wiest’s Jennifer, the victim of Marla’s latest despicable act, swinging between vulnerable old lady and determined woman with a hidden story who knows what Marla has bitten off even if Marla doesn’t and she balances her performance beautifully.

With a zippy script and intricate story line delivered by a strong and invested cast, I Care a Lot is a good example of not needing to like the main characters to enjoy a film, go seek it out.

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