The White Tiger

Showing on Netflix.

Written and directed by Ramin Bahrani adapted from Aravind Adiga’s book that tells the story of a young ambitious Indian man, Balram. Told in flashbacks we learn about Balram’s story from poverty stricken upbringing to entrepreneur. His path is not easy as he starts his journey working for the family who are landlords to his village, he sees the opportunity to learn from the son of his employer until an incident changes the direction of his life drastically and drives his passion to escape a life of servitude and become his own man.

The White Tiger is a much darker story than expected, set in the mid 2000’s it explores a range of challenges in a rapidly changing India via Balram’s story. He battles to throw off the restrictions of expectation and to become master of his own destiny at whatever cost and doing this while fighting against years of corruption and inequality in the very system he’s trying to succeed in.

Built around a fantastic performance by Adarsh Gourav this is a hugely interesting story told in a smart way, Gourav balances Balram’s dual personality of loyal servant and ambitious entrepreneur perfectly, with Rajkummar Rao acting as the prefect foil as his seemingly modern thinking boss. With a slick script that keeps the story moving it stays intriguing thoughout with an unsuspected dark twist in its final act.

If you’ve fancied a bit of Indian cinema but not sure where to begin then The White Tiger is a good place to start.

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