Hope Gap

On Netflix and VOD services.

Written and directed by William Nicholson, starring Annette Bening and Bill Nighy, Hope Gap focuses on the difficulties that come with marriage breakdown. Eddie and Grace are an older couple, married for 29 years, but as we join them it is clear things are not right. When Eddie invites their son Jamie (Josh O’Connor) home for the weeknd, he does it with an ulterior motive, so he can support his mum when Eddie makes a life changing decision.

Hope Gap is basically a three hander between Bening, Nighy and O’Connor and focuses on the emotional impact of Eddie’s decision on him, his wife and their son. What we get is a well performed piece Bening and Nighy are particularly good, Bening balancing anger and heartbreak really well, Nighy is full Nighy, as the quietly spoken, seemingly bullied but determined husband. With O’Connor allowing the two main characters to bounce off him as the caught in the middle son.

However, the crux of the problem with Hope Gap, is there just isn’t enough there to justify it’s 100 minute run time, as 60 minute TV drama this could really of worked, but beyond that it feels stretched with the story plodding along and taking the occasional unnecessary detour to fill the time. Which is a pity, as it is nicely shot, well played and tries to deal with a difficult story with appropriate care and attention.

However, it is a story we have seen done before and unfortunately done much better, but that said it is not a total dud and if you are looking for a well played delve into the world of relationship breakdown and you don’t mind a flaw or two, it may fit the bill.

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