Bill & Ted Face the Music

It’s been almost 30 years since Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter last appeared on screen as Bill and Ted, Face the Music brings us up to date with the popular and quotable character’s.

Written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, we find Logan and Preston struggling to find the song to reunite the world. Still married to their 15th century English princesses and now both have daughters Thea (Samara Weaving) and Billie (Brigette Lundy-Paine) who seem to be growing up the very images of their dads.

The story takes us on a time travelling journey as Bill and Ted move through the future to discover which of their future selves has the song that will not only reunite the world but, it seems, will save it.

I would say I didn’t watch Bill and Ted as a fan, I’ve seen the original films and remember them fondly enough, but wouldn’t say I remember them in any detail. It’s perhaps because of that Face the Music didn’t really work for me.

It’s not a disaster of a film and there was nothing to hugely dislike. However, very few of the jokes landed and while Reeves and Winter are fine, I was less convinced by the slightly grating impression of them by Weaving and Lundy-Paine as their daughters.

The story feels a bit of a mess and is rather repetitive as they visit slightly different future versions of themselves alongside their daughters popping around history putting together a band. The final act of the film is perhaps its best, although the finale itself seems a bit of a thrown together after thought.

Maybe it misses for me because I’m not a particular fan of the films and if this works for those that are because it’s full of references and nods to the originals that passed me by, then that’s great.

But for me it was a pretty average comedy, not enough laughs and a story that wasn’t that interesting, but there’s nothing to dislike, maybe just not enough to like.

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