I’m thinking of ending things

Showing on Netflix.

Based on Iain Reid’s book and written and directed by Charlie Kaufman is Netflix’s new film starring two of our favourite Jessie’s (Jesse’s) Buckley and Plemons.

We find Jake (Plemons) taking his girlfriend to visit his parents on a snow storm filled day at their isolated farm house. His girlfriend though is having second thoughts about the relationship and is thinking of ending it as she is unsure that they have any kind of future.

I’ve not read Reid’s book so came into this with no prior knowledge of the story. This is complex film and will not be for everyone. But, for me, this is two thirds a good and intriguing film, one third overly complex and melodramatic.

There was a lot I enjoyed, from the start it is slow paced and keeps you on edge as the relationship between our two main characters is seemingly strained and uneasy. The 4:3 presentation adds to the claustrophobic feeling of the story, the feeling of been trapped be it in the car, in the relationship or in the house.

It took me about 40 minutes to realise that the story was not what it seemed, the subtle clues start to add up before it becomes more clear.

The always watchable Buckley and Plemons do an excellent job with the difficult material, with Toni Colette, David Thewlis and Guy Boyd offering strong support.

What we have is a story about loss, regret, sadness and what-ifs, which in the main was smartly told. The final act was more difficult to go with as it heads off down a more “abstract” route, which confused rather than clarified.

I’m thinking of ending it is likely to be divisive and will not be for everyone, but for me was an interesting and intriguing story for the most part with two fine central performances. If you are up for a piece of more challenging film watching give it a go.

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