Good Boys

Showing on Sky Cinema UK and various digital platforms

Another bit of “missed at the cinema” catching up with Gene Stupnitski’s 2019 film Good Boys.

Three “uncool” 6th graders Jacob Tremblay’s Max, Keith L. Williams’s Lucas and Brady Noon as Thor find themselves invited to a cool “kissing party” which will give Max the chance to kiss the “love of his life” Brixlee. However, when the boys run into two older girls and have an incident with a drone their plans are turned upside down and they end up on a journey to the local mall to put things right.

What we get is a relatively standard story of “tween” discovery, girls, kissing, sex, drugs and the reality that your best friends from your early school days are not necessarily friends for life.

What Good Boys does though is play with that familiar story by taking our 6th graders and rather than creating an age appropriate Goonies style story of discovery and friendship we get those films meeting Superbad and “sex toys” bringing us foul mouthed tweens, a whole new set of uses for adult entertainment devices and tucked away in their occasionally is a little bit of the sweetness of a group of boys growing up and coming to terms with their changing lives.

The films not highly original beyond swearing youngster’s, but it is fun, at 89 minutes it rattles along at a pace and there is a high gags per hour quotient, not all funny, but more hit than miss and the three boys relationship does endure throughout and gives the film some heart and a nice time for reflection for us older kids watching on the things that seemed so important when we were 12.

I can imagine kids swearing and humorous misuse of sex toys may lose its appeal for some, but it made me laugh pretty consistently and remained the right side of fun throughout.

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