Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Showing on Sky Cinema in the UK and available on streaming services.

Kevin Smith dusts off Jay and Silent Bob for another outing in their first cinematic trip since 2006.

Titled Reboot the film takes a look at sequels, reboots and remakes while simultaneously trying to be all three as Jay and Bob discover that there is a planned reboot of their nemesis film project Bluntman and Chronic and they decide it needs another road trip to Hollywood to stop it been made. As you’d expect in a film designed to parody the endless reboots and remakes it follows a very familiar storyline for those who saw “Strike Back” (there’s a funny dig at Force Awakens in there).

Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of things like Dogma and the original Jay and Silent Bob so did go into this with some trepidation and the concern was well founded as this comes nowhere near the levels of its predecessors. As a fan of the earlier films in the series there is enjoyment to be had in the multitude of cameos and nods back to the original film (Matt Damon’s Loki story particularly) but that doesn’t really sustain it, it’s not funny enough and lacks the edge and humorous “quoteability” of the earlier works.

It’s not a disaster and does have some heart to it especially with some nice moments as Jay and later Ben Affleck both explore parenthood, there are funny moments as well, but it’s nothing special, if you like the character’s or a fan of the earlier films it’s worth the watch and you’ll find enjoyment in it, if you’re neither of those, not sure it will work for you.

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