The Last Laugh

Showing on Netflix.

Directed by Greg Pritikin and starring Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss The Last Laugh tells the story of Al Hart, a long time comedy talent agent who is encouraged to move into a care home as he enters his later years, where he’s reunited with his first ever client, Richard Dreyfuss’s Buddy Green, who had seemingly thrown it all away as a young comic, Al encourages him to get back on the road and on tour.

What that gives us is a classic road trip film, it’s not original and the storyline is relatively predictable, but that’s fine, it’s delivered with enough warmth and laughs to keep you engaged and with a cast of veteran actors led by Chase and Dreyfuss, especially, who carries the film a long and keeps you engaged.

At 98 minutes it doesn’t over stretch and it was good to see a well looking Chevy Chase back in a starring role.

It’s perfectly fine comedy, nothing special and probably a film in its perfect environment on your tele when you have nowhere else to go!

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