Rising High

Showing on Netflix.

Two things dawn on you about 5 minutes into Cuneyt Kaya’s Rising High, it’s dubbed, but a bit annoyingly and it’s a poor mans attempt at a Wolf of Wall Street type story.

The film centres around Viktor Steiner who we see retelling his adventures to a journalist, we flick back to his childhood to find his early steps into con-artistry before we find him in contemporary Berlin, dabbling with shady property dealings ahead of running into Gerry an equally suspect character who can “get anything in the world” and Nicole a smart banker who also doesn’t mind bending the rules to make a few euros.

The film then follows very familiar territory as the three play fast and loose with the rules to buy, develop and rent properties perpetrating cons as they rapidly build wealth.

Like Wall Street there story unravels as they delve into a life of excess drink, drugs, hookers and ever more flamboyant scams.

The problems with this are plentiful, the dubbing is distracting, the script at time is excessively ripe and some of the storylines a little “random”.

But that said, David Kross as Viktor gives a decent central performance and carries the film well enough and while throughout it screams “cheap unconvincing copy of much better films” it was compelling enough to keep me engaged (most of the time) and was not as terrible as the component parts suggest.

If you fancy a cheap German, English dubbed, knock off of Wolf of Wall Street but with only a 90 minute run time, this may work for you.

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