Extra Ordinary

Showing on Netflix in the UK.

If you were to look up the quintessential low budget, British comedy ghost story (even though it’s Irish) then you would probably find Extra Ordinary staring back at you.

None of that is a criticism, Extra Ordinary is a quirky comedy filled with likeable characters plenty of humorous set pieces and lots of nods to well known horror.

Co-writer Maeve Higgins stars as part driving instructor/part ghostbuster Ruth, who finds herself drawn into the world of Martin Martin (Barry Ward) who is haunted by his dead wife and then finds his daughter the centre of attention for a satan worshipping former pop star Christian Winter (Will Forte). Ruth is tasked with saving the day while battling her own personal demons.

The story bombs a long, with the occasional interlude from brilliantly created 80’s VHS recordings of her fathers ghost hunting TV show and a selection of ectoplasm collecting adventures and the occasional bit of theatrical gore.

It was an enjoyable 90 minute low budget comedy, with enough charm and laughs to carry it off, it won’t change your life but you’ll have fun for 90 minutes while your life stays the same.

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