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Knives Out

Unlike Knives Out the big reveal on Rian Johnson’s modern whodunnit is coming right at the beginning.. absolutely loved this from start to finish and it is right up there with the very best things I’ve watched this year.

It is indeed a big screen modern take on the most classic of stories the whodunnit and it’s a genre Johnson clearly understands and certainly enjoys and that comes through in every one of its 130 minutes.

A wonderful ensemble cast led by a fantastically enjoyable Daniel Craig, getting to reuse his Logan Lucky Southern US accent, who brings a modern take on the super sleuth (a consulting detective no less), but the show is probably stolen by Ana De Armas as our central character Marta, who keeps you guessing throughout with a smart performance.

The story bounds along at a great pace, with enough twists to keep whodunnit fans interested but also with the wit and fun that such an homage to the genre needs.

All of the twists and the payoff fit together beautifully and, as with any really good sleuthing adventure, when you look back, all the clues to the mystery are in plain site and depending how close you watch will depend when you spot them.

Knives Out for me was a fantastic revival of a classic genre, delivered with real care, attention to detail and a sense of fun, each of the stellar cast delivers exactly the performance you want and it gave me one of my most enjoyable cinema trips of the year.

Dust off the deer stalker and give it a go…

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